A family business

Over 20 years growing fruit

Mario and María Fernanda

Husband and wife Mario and María Fernanda, two professionals with an international legal and economics background, and clear entrepreneurs, have been engaged in growing fruit over 20 years as part of the family business in the area.

In line with their philosophy and permanent eagerness to connect the past with the present, the present and the future, they realised pomegranates grew wild in the area years back.

Analysing their health and taste benefits and realising they were compatible and ideally suited for the type of soil in the “Racó Calent” orchard, in 2014 they embarked in planting tiny pomegranate trees which have now managed to be splendidly generous. Initially starting with over 11.000 trees, they nowadays exceed 16.000.

Trade fairs and research

Our trees, our clients and our business need to progress and improve. We are committed to travelling and engaging in as many courses and events as possible to improve our knowledge on pomegranates, their quality and care and to provide a better service and quality to our clients.

We cherish our personal relationship with clients, which makes us distinct and reflects our hands-on approach.

As a means to improve and make our business grow, while also meliorating the quality of our fruit, we have been given a grant by the European Union* to allow us to financially pursue with our project. This means we meet high standards of commitment and that we are compliant with what is expected from an agriculture entrepreneur for the above purposes. 

*PDR.cat2020, Actuació del Programa de Desenvolupament Rural de Catalunya 2014-2020 cofinançada per Unió Europea – Fons Europeu Agrícola de Desenvolupament Rural- Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació