POMMY HOUSE Pomegranates

Grown in a family orchard in Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona, Spain), it is located in the Ebro Delta Unesco Biosphere Reserve’s hinterland where varieties of Emek, Parfianca and Smith are delicately grown since they were planted in 2014.


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Long season pomegranates

We grow Emek, Parfianca and Smith pomegranate varieties. Different in flavour, they all have deep red crimson colour, not only in their outside appearance, but in their arils and juice.

Emec pomegranate

Exclusive appearance and sweet flavour

Round shaped and very attractive crowns.

Parfianca pomegranate

Long-lasting variety.

Mid-sized, red arils. 

Good appearance.

Smith pomegranate

Red, soft-seeded arils.

High Brix and juice content.

Racó Calent orchard

With a special weather and micro-climate conditions, our grove  allows us to start harvesting by the end of August. This facilitates meeting Europe market’s needs at an early stage.