International traders

Positioned and appreciated on the best shelves and tables

of Europe and beyond

Appreciated in the best markets

Our pomegranates have a superb reputation for their quality and appearance, and so does POMMY HOUSE for being able to professionally place its bespoke boxes on the shelves of so many clients internationally.

POMMY HOUSE boxes and their delicious fruits have so far reached countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and, of course, Spain.

It is POMMY HOUSE’s intention and vision to expand and see its fruit positioned and appreciated on the best shelves and tables of Europe and beyond.


Whilst some clients prefer coordinating their own transport system, others rely on us to organise shipment. We are flexible in finding solutions to guarantee that fruit successfully reaches its destimation in the most cost-efficient, quick, safe and sustainable manner.

Being located  stones away from a main road, and only 10′ away from the highway to Barcelona or Valencia, it is logistically very easy to liaise transportation.

Client service

Our distinct, personalised way of working makes us different. For the same reason that we understand and care about our trees, we also do so about our clients. We aim at understanding their needs, expectations and requirements and we are flexible and go the extra mile to adapt to their material and formal requirements.

Quality and efficiency are amongst our priorities. We try to deliver with the utmost level of professionalism and commitment.

We are innovative and creative, open to new ideas and eager to continue learning.