A micro-climate farm

Sant Carles de la Rápita (Tarragona, Spain)



Manicured pomegranates

We grow Emek, Parfianca and Smith pomegranate varieties. Different in flavour, they all have deep red crimson colour, not only in their outside appearance, but in their arils and juice.

Our trees are delicately manicured by a sophisticated and devoted team who permanently follows the instructions of our engineer. The team works arm-in-arm as a cohesioned and hands-on unit, therefore laterally covering all spheres of the process, from growing to delivering to our clients.

Trailing systems, automatic watering and weather stations are useful to guarantee an adequate attention and reaction to the trees’ needs at all times.


We are environmentally consciencious and we are committed to being as green as possible in the way we deal with our fruit, the packing house and whatever steps we take related to the fruit, the  business and our clients.

Our target and philosophy is to guarantee zero residues.

Picking and Packing

Our POMMY HOUSE pomegranates are picked and selected in-house. Racó Calent has its own brand new packing facilities which we manage and control, where the fruit is sorted, labelled and boxed, ready to be sent fresh and custodied to our final clients.