Our pomegranates

We start harvesting in August

From August to October

One of the virtues of our red fruit is its red, splendid appearance and its taste, ranging from the Smith to the Parfianca and exclusive Emek varieties.

Luckily, and due to special weather and micro-climate conditions (reason for the name of the orchard being “Racó Calent” in Catalan, as in warm corner), our grove – located between the Ebro Delta and the Montsia hills – allows us to start harvesting by the end of August. This facilitates meeting Europe market’s needs at an early stage.

Smith pomegranate

  • Harvested in late August
  • Red, soft-seeded arils, with high Brix and juice content
  • Great abundance of sizes 8 and 10

Emek pomegranate

  • Harvested in early September
  • Exclusive appearance and sweet flavour
  • Round shaped and very attractive crowns

Parfianka pomegranate

  • Harvested in October
  • Long-lasting variety
  • Mid-sized, red arils
  • Good appearance
  • Prevalence of size 10


We are environmentally conscientious and we are committed to being as green as possible in the way we deal with our fruit, the packing house and whatever steps we take related to the fruit, the  business and our clients.